Protecting Air

clean air graph 

Reducing Emissions

  • Ameren started reducing sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions long before the 1990 Clean Air Act amendments were passed, meeting our reduction goals well ahead of schedule. Actual emissions are significantly below required levels. 
  • Since 2014, mercury emissions have been reduced by 33% and will be further reduced in 2016.
  • Ameren Missouri's Energy Centers operate below the Missouri Department of Natural Resources' allowable emissions levels ensuring that air quality meets standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that are fully protective of human health. See graph for Ameren Missouri coal-fired generation historical SO2 emissions.

Installing Controls
  • Ameren has slashed emissions by using ultra-low sulfur fuels, installing cleaner-emitting burners with computer-controlled operation and improving operation of existing precipitators, which collect more than 99% of particulates.
  • Ameren anticipates further controls will be necessary to meet federal regulations. Various pollution control methods will continue to be implemented to reduce SO2, NOx, mercury and particulate.
  • Ameren estimates spending between $275 and $350 million over the next five years on solutions that meet or exceed new requirements. In 2014, electrostatic precipitators were installed on Units 1 and 2 at Labadie Energy Center, representing a $185 million investment by the company. 
  • Ameren continues to support research of more effective emission control technology.


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