Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Emissions


Ameren has long recognized the need to address the climate change challenge. We believe it is possible to achieve climate goals while still protecting consumer costs, and we believe these goals should be determined through a legislative, rather than regulatory approach.

Ameren has addressed the climate issue by:

What we're doing now to achieve our climate goals: 

Ameren is committed to transitioning to a cleaner, more diverse generation portfolio in a responsible fashion. For years, we have been executing our 20-year energy plan that is supported by stakeholders throughout Missouri. Our planning considers options such as energy efficiency and different kinds of electric generation such as renewable, natural gas and nuclear. It takes into consideration factors that affect our decisions, including costs, risks, fuel diversity, customer preferences and economic development opportunities. 

We’re already making the transition to cleaner energy in the most affordable way for our customers. 

View our Corporate Social Responsibility Report for more information on sustainability at Ameren.

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