Protecting Water

Ameren's Water Conservation Policy is committed to protecting all natural resources, including the preservation of water. Though our facilities are geographically situated in an area of ample water supply, all divisions within Ameren take into consideration the impact of our operations on both water quality and use.
Water Consumption 
Water is necessary for operation of our steam electric energy centers. Once-through facilities withdraw surface water for cooling and return approximately 99% back to the source. 
Facilities with cooling towers withdraw less water, however as much as 70-90% of the water withdrawn is lost to evaporation.
Water Conservation 
We have made conscious decisions to conserve water in the design and modifications of our facilities, and plan to conserve water further in the future. 
  • Converting to dry ash handling systems
  • Moving from ash ponds to dry landfills
  • Designing closed loop water systems at scrubber installations
  • Installing water restrictors at our office locations
Water Use Scenarios 
We evaluate water usage needs at all of our facilities and track river levels on a daily basis. Our experience and analyses have shown that our energy centers have continued to operate and supply needed power to customers during historical and predicted flooding and severe drought conditions.   
Area Watershed Information
Additional information on the watersheds serving Ameren Missouri generating facilities, including potential impacts of climate change.
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