Wildlife Protection Initiatives

Avian Protection Program
The Avian Protection Program educates and trains field crews on interactions with raptors and also provides safe use of Ameren facilities by retrofitting existing structures with avian safe covers. In addition, new structures have been built with increased conductor spacing to allow raptors safe use of pole tops while perching.

Energy for Wildlife
As a certified member of the National Wild Turkey Federation’s Energy for Wildlife, Ameren is integrating wildlife management activities into land management programs, including a cooperative effort with Caterpillar to create a 20-acre prairie area located beneath an Ameren Illinois 138kV transmission line that runs through the Caterpillar East Peoria Facility. 
Flight Diverter Installation
Ameren Missouri installed flight diverters on transmission lines crossing the Mississippi River near Sioux Energy Center, among other locations, to prevent collisions between trumpeter swans and high-voltage lines.

Illinois Raptor Center
Ameren Illinois supported the construction of 36 raptor cages to house educational raptors at the center in Decatur, Ill. The cages will allow public access to view and learn more about raptor awareness and power line safety and provide a safe place for injured raptors until they build enough strength to be released.
Reflector Installation
Ameren installed reflectors on power lines and protective coverings where birds like to perch to protect them from contact with high voltage lines.

Reform Wildlife Management Area
The Reform Wildlife Management Area was created on about 6,000 acres of Ameren Missouri land surrounding Callaway Energy Center to preserve wildlife and educate future generations.

TreeHouse Wildlife Center
Ameren Illinois supported the construction of a 96-foot-long flight cage with over 200 feet of flight space which enables injured raptors a safe place to redevelop strength and skills during the final stages of rehabilitation.
Wires Over Wildlife
Through a partnership with the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC), Ameren's Transmission Vegetation Department developed Wires Over Wildlife (WOW) to enhance wildlife habitat on Ameren Missouri's electric transmission rights-of-way. 
World Bird Sanctuary
Ameren continues to partner with the World Bird Sanctuary by supporting suitable habitats for all bird species. (more)
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