Ameren's Statement on the Clean Power Plan

Feb. 10, 2016
"Ameren believes the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to stay the Clean Power Plan was the right decision for our customers and the communities we serve as the courts continue to consider the legality of the plan. The Environmental Protection Agency's rule is a transformational regulation, and we are concerned about the impact the rule will have on customer costs and reliability if it's ultimately upheld by the courts.
"Ameren is already making the transition to a cleaner and more diverse generation portfolio in a responsible manner. For years, we have been executing our 20-year energy transition plan that is supported by stakeholders throughout Missouri."  --  Ajay Arora, vice president, Environmental Services and Generation Resource Planning, Ameren

Aug. 5, 2015
"Ameren has been taking steps to execute a 20-year plan to transition to a cleaner, more diverse generation portfolio in a responsible fashion. That plan, which was developed with the input of key stakeholders, carefully considered costs and reliability for our customers, and would have achieved greenhouse gas emission reductions that were consistent with the EPA's original Clean Power Plan targets established for Missouri last year.

"Although we are still studying the final Clean Power Plan rules, it is clear that the EPA has significantly changed its approach in establishing statewide greenhouse gas emission targets that must be achieved by 2030. Because of those changes, the targets for Missouri in the final Clean Power Plan are significantly more stringent than originally proposed.  As a result, and should the Clean Power Plan survive legal challenges from across the country, we believe it will be necessary to revise our original carefully calibrated transition plan. This concerns us because these changes will drive costs higher for all our customers, and this may be especially challenging for our low- and fixed-income customers.

"In addition, we also remain concerned about reliability. In the final rule, the reliability safeguards to protect and preserve the reliable electric service our customers and U.S. citizens have enjoyed for decades are not as robust as what we had strongly recommended

"We will continue our careful analysis of the over 1,500-page final rule.

"As always, we will work with key stakeholders to determine the best path forward to address these rules for the benefit of our customers, the communities we serve and our country."  --  Warner Baxter, chairman, president and CEO, Ameren Corporation
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