Adams County Rd 550 Connector

Easement Information


When we build a new transmission line, it is necessary to secure an easement or other property rights for the new line. Here are the key points you should know:


After we receive approval from the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) to build the transmission line, we will begin contacting landowners along the approved route. Letters will be mailed to landowners requesting a meeting to discuss project details, which will include the proposed easement location, the type of facilities we will build, easement compensation and property restoration or damage settlement post construction.

Hotline: 866.258.0191
Mail: Adams County Rd 550 Connector
         5201 S 6th Street Rd.
         Springfield, IL 62703
Media Contact: 314.554.4135
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We will request access to the property for the purposes of conducting land surveys and land studies in order to complete property legal descriptions/survey exhibits, environmental surveys, and studies of sensitive areas, and soil condition studies to aid in determining the depth and design of the foundations that will support the single-shaft steel poles. 

The easement width for this project will be 150 feet. The transmission line will typically be located in the center of the easement. Landowners will retain full use and ownership of the property within the easement, though structures may not be built or trees planted within (or that would encroach upon) the easement.

In some cases, we may request a temporary lease to facilitate transmission line construction. Landowners will be compensated for temporary construction leases.

At the end of construction, property  as will be restored as close as practical to its preconstruction condition. Landowners will be compensated for crop, compaction, and other damages caused by construction of the transmission line.

In agricultural areas, Illinois Department of Agriculture guidelines will be followed. Every effort is made to avoid drainage tile lines. Damaged drainage tiles will be repaired. 

We plan to retain the services of the following contractors to assist us with landowner interactions, valuations/appraisals, and land surveying.

Contract Land Staff - Landowner interactions
American Appraisal - Real estate valuations/appraisals
Allen, Williford, & Seale - Real estate valuations/appraisals
Surveying and Mapping, Inc. - Land surveying
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