Process to be followed

  • The interested party creates a Change Request and sends it to the Change Control Manager at  at least 5 days in advance of the scheduled call on which it is to be discussed. The Change Control form is available on the Illinois CPWG website.
  • The request will be reviewed by the Change Control Manager to determine if the request is valid and clearly stated. For example, an invalid request would be one that involves changing a Delivery Services Provider(s) (DSP) business practice. This request would be sent back to the requestor with instructions to deal directly with the DSP. Or the request may be valid but not stated clearly or with enough detail. In this case the Change Control Manager may contact the requestor to ask clarifying questions. Following this Conversation, the Change Control Manager may modify the request before distributing it to the entire group.
  • Once the Change Control Manager has reviewed the request and determined that the request is valid, the request will be posted to the Illinois CPWG list server.
  • The Change Request will be discussed at the next scheduled conference call or meeting.
  • Participants should strive to either approve or cancel a Change Request within 1-2 meetings.
  • If the Change Request is approved, a timeline should be established as to when the Change Request should be implemented. This timeline should be a consensus of the market participants.
  • Each implementation guide affected by the change should be updated as a redlined document and made available to all market participants by posting to the Illinois CPWGwebsite within 30 days of approval.
  • The Illinois CPWG will determine the level of testing needed prior to the agreed upon implementation date.
  • Unresolved issues relating to proposed changes will be forwarded by the Change Control Manager to the ICC for resolution.
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