Advanced Manufacturing


Midwest Momentum. The combined advantages of strategic location, excellent infrastructure and a skilled labor force propels a large and growing manufacturing sector throughout Ameren's service area. Manufacturing is at the heart of the communities in our region of greater St. Louis, eastern Missouri, and central and southern Illinois, where a competitive cost environment helps companies thrive.

Manufacturing Powerhouse. More than 6,700 manufacturing firms and 280,000 manufacturing workers produce over $130 billion of manufactured goods each year.


Plugged in for Business. Ameren's reliable and low cost energy rates reduce operating costs for manufacturing customers. Our competitive rate structure and reliable transmission system provides businesses with the energy they need to compete in an ever-expanding global market.


Home of Talent + Technology.Ameren communities pair a legacy of skilled craftsmanship with the latest in technology training and education. The result is a ready workforce that leads the next generation of manufacturing and innovation.


Digital, Nuclear, Research and Yes, Rocket Science.
The Ameren area's strong heritage of manufacturing is supported by higher education institutions leading the next generation.

Manufacturers in the Know. International corporations recognize that the Ameren area offers significant advantages over cities around the world. These companies combine the use of the latest technology and production processes with skilled labor and competitive costs to power their operations in Ameren's area.


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