Midwest Heartland. The Ameren area is the Agribusiness & Food Manufacturing hub of America. The communities of eastern Missouri, and central and southern Illinois are home to plentiful natural resources and the biggest names in Agriculture - ADM, Monsanto, Cargill and others - shipping billions of dollars of products to global markets. Large manufacturers such as Kraft, Heinz, Nestle, Hillshire, Quaker Oats and Pinnacle Foods, are supported by a deep cluster of growers and suppliers in our region.

For the World's Tables. The modern food industry includes traditional agriculture, research, manufacturing, processing and distribution to the world. Agribusiness and Food Manufacturing in the Ameren area unites all of these components to drive local industry that meets global demands.


Mid-global. Manufacturers and distributors here ship worldwide via integrated, efficient transport systems. Diverse transport modes in the Ameren service territory include:

  • All 7 US/Canadian Class 1 Railroads
  • 18 Intermodal Connections
  • Inland waterways to ocean-going ports via Mississippi, Missouri, Illinois and Ohio rivers
  • 8 Forgein Trade Zones
  • Commercial and cargo airports

A robust transportation network offers 7 interstate corridors and the 3rd largest rail hub, making the region a leading location for distribution in the US. 


Food is the Future. The Ameren area is the center of world-renowned research in agriculture, biofuels and supporting technologies. Groudbreaking agriculture and technology research is conducted across the region, led by pre-eminent national agriculture research centers and corporate R&D facilities.


Investing in R&D.
The St. Louis region is a global leader in both academic and corporate bio-science R&D. The sector employs an exceptionally high number of top scientists in medical and plant bio-sciences, including the largest concentration of plant science PhDs in the world.

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