Community Preparedness Tool

A program called “Partners in Development” (PiD) was developed by Ameren to help determine local development needs and the most appropriate assistance from Ameren’s economic development staff.

Guidelines for the Program
  • Most of the evaluation process focuses on the local economic development organization.
  • It is intended for economic development organizations that target manufacturers, warehouse-distribution and/or back office operations.
  • Economic development organizations must satisfy the need of all items under each level to attain the specified designation.
  • Certification will apply for a two-calendar year period, the current and following years. At the end of that period, the community must re-qualify.
  • Economic development organizations may apply for one level upgrade in the off-year if they believe that they can satisfy the requirements of the next level.

A self-assessment guide that gives steps to help you through the program is available to any Ameren-served community upon request.
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