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Contact us for a customized approach to locate, expand or relocate your business. We can make your process easier and help you succeed with your business goals.

Contact at us at our toll free number 800.981.9409 or call one of us, and let's start the conversation.  

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Mike Kearney, Director

Phone: 314.554.2304
  Email: mkearney@ameren.com
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Jan Eden, Economic Development Coordinator
  Phone: 314.554.2346 

Email:  jeden@ameren.com

blue bullet  Mike Chell, Business Development Executive 
  Phone: 314.554.2375

Email:  mchell@ameren.com 

blue bullet  Bryan Edmundson, Business Development Executive 
  Phone: 314.554.2006

Email:  bedmundson@ameren.com 

blue bullet  Steve Warren, Sr. Business Development Executive
  Phone: 217.424.7397 

Email:  swarren@ameren.com 

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Cheryl Welge, Sr. Business Development Executive 


Phone:  217.532.8240 


Email:  cwelge@ameren.com 

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