Education Energized. The Ameren area boasts a workforce over 3.1 million strong. Energized by education and experience, the talent pool and famous Midwest work ethic translate to a workforce that's both dependable and highly productive.

Our diverse region offers competitive wage rates and can meet workforce needs of any industry. Already thriving here: Advanced ManufacturingLogistics & TransportationAgribusiness and many others.

The Ameren area is home to over 3.1 million workers who support a growing $280 billion economy. Workers of all education levels and skills can be found across the region. 

Ameren area communities in greater St. Louis, eastern Missouri, and southern and central Illinois are some of the best educated in the Midwest. Shining examples include Columbia, Bloomington and Champaign-Urbana - each with workforce education levels that far exceed US averages.



Employer Value. Wage rates in the Ameren area are 10% below the US average. Professional fields are even more wage competitive, with business, management and computer salaries 16-20% below national averages. 



Graduate Success.The Ameren region's extraordinary number of college graduates provides a boon to companies in a wide range of industries. More than 650,000 students are enrolled at 125 colleges, universities and training institutes in the Ameren area.

The large, growing pipeline of workers includes more than 173,000 students who graduated from post-secondary institutions in 2014.



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