Glossary Terms C

Please note that each glossary term is followed by the source of the definition.
Category of Service or Category
(Ameren Illinois Tariff)
A load category as defined for the Illinois Auction for the classification of Customers as provided under BGS-FP load, BGS-LFP load and BGS-LRTP load.

Central Prevailing Time (CPT) (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
Central Standard Time or Central Daylight Savings Time, as applicable. (EEI)

Cogeneration (EEI)
The simultaneous production of electric energy and useful thermal energy for industrial, commercial, heating or cooling purposes. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) has adopted the term “Combined Heat and Power” in place of “cogeneration”.

Commercial Customer (EEI)
An energy-consuming sector that consists of service-providing facilities and equipment of non-manufacturing businesses, such as restaurants, retail stores, hotels; and other private organizations, such as religious, social, or fraternal groups. The commercial sector includes institutional living quarters. Common uses or energy associated with this sector include space heating, water heating, air conditioning, lighting, refrigeration, cooking, and running a wide variety of other equipment. Commercial Customers may be classified as a function of energy demand or annual usage, which meets some specified limit set by the energy provider.

Commission or ICC (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
The Illinois Commerce Commission or any duly constituted successor to the Commission.

Company (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
The legal entity noted in the header for which this Schedule is applicable.

Competitive Market (Public Utilities Act)
An electric market opened to the sale of electricity by various electricity suppliers.

Competitive Procurement Auction (CPA) (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
The auction processes as approved in the ICC's order entered in Docket No. 05-0160/05-0161/05-0162 (Cons.)

Competitive Procurement Process (CPP) (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
The processes undertaken to procure electric power and energy and other related services.

Competitive Service (Public Utilities Act)
Includes (i) any service that has been declared to be competitive pursuant to Section 16-113 of the Act, (ii) contract service, and (iii) services, other than tariffed services, that are related to, but not necessary for, the provision of electric power and energy or delivery services.

Control Area (EEI)
A region of integrated generation and transmission operations that is controlled by a single operator who is responsible for scheduling interchanges with other control areas and balancing supply and demand within the area.

Customer Charge (EEI)
An amount to be paid monthly by a Customer for electric service often based upon costs incurred for current and potential meter transformers, service line, billing, contact centers, credit and collections, exclusive of demand or energy consumption.

Customer Group (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
The service classifications under Rider BGS, Rider BGS-L, Rider RTP and Rider RTP-L.

Customer or Retail Customer (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
A Person legally receiving service at a Premises or whose facilities are connected for utilizing service at the Premises.

Customer Self-Manager (CSM) (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
A Non-Residential retail Customer meeting certain requirements as stated in the Company’s Supplier Terms and Conditions that manages the procurement and use of its own supply of electric power and energy.

Customer Supply Group (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
The designation used to determine the Customer loads attributable to each Category described in the Customer Supply Group in this Rider and for the purpose of computing charges for electric power and energy supply applicable to Retail Customers.

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