Glossary Terms M - N

Please note that each glossary term is followed by the source of the definition.
Market Value (MV)
(Ameren Illinois Tariff)
Market Value or MV is being used consistent with the provisions of Section 16-112 and Section 16-111(i) of the Customer Choice Law.

Megawatt (MW) (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
Equals 1,000 kilowatts. MW is a unit measurement of the demand for electricity or rate at which electricity is used.

Megawatt-hour (MWh) (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
Equals 1,000 kWh. MWh is a unit of measurement of the amount of electricity used.

Meter Voltage (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
The voltage of the Company's or Customer's electric system at the point at which the metering is connected for the purpose of measuring power and energy for utility billing purposes.

Metering Services (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
The functions specified in 83 Illinois Administrative Code Part 460.

Metering Services Provider (MSP) (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
A retail provider of unbundled Metering Services, other than the Company, certified by the ICC and authorized to engage in the provision of Metering Services to eligible retail electric service Customers in the Company’s Service Territory.

Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator (MISO) (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
The Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator, Inc., or its successor. The MISO is a fully integrated regional transmission organization. The non-profit MISO assures industry consumers of unbiased regional grid management and open access to the transmission facilities under MISO’s functional supervision. MISO optimizes the efficiency of the interconnected system, provides regional solutions to regional planning needs, and continually minimizes any risk to reliability.

MISO Administered Markets (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
The markets for capacity and real-time energy, if any, administered by the MISO.

MISO Delivery Point (Rider MV) (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
The load zone(s) recognized by the MISO as encompassing the BGS-FP Load, BGS-LFP Load and BGS-LRTP Load of the Company.

MISO Off-Peak Period (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
All hours other than those included in the MISO Peak Period.

MISO Peak Period (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
The hours from 6 A.M. until 10 P.M. Central Prevailing Time (CPT), Monday through Friday except on days designated by the NERC.

Multi-Account Managers
Those who assist business entities or the customers themselves needing to consolidate and organize multiple accounts can use this portal to aid in management of the accounts.

Multi-Tenant (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
A multiple occupancy building with three or more Customers who each qualify for the Residential rate or two or more Customers who each qualify for a Non-Residential rate.

MW-Day (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
MW-Day means the Customer's contribution to the previously established annual system peak demand, plus any applicable reserve requirement required by the regional reliability entity to which the Company belongs.

NERC (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
The North American Electric Reliability Council or its successor.

Non-Refundable Contribution (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
An amount paid prior to construction by a Customer and/or Applicant to Company that is not subject to refund.

Non-Residential Service (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
Non-Residential Service, for purposes of determining Line and/or Service Extension applicability, is the electric utility service rendered which does not meet the definition of Residential Service as defined in Section 3 of Company’s tariffs.

Non-Summer Period (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
Non-Summer Period means the January, February, March, April, May, October, November, and December monthly periods.
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