Glossary Terms - R

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Reactive Demand (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
The flow of reactive power in kilovars (kvar) from Company's system to Customer's facilities in any 15-minute Billing Demand period, adjusted for energy losses, if applicable.

Reactive Power (EEI)
The portion of electricity that establishes and maintains the electric and magnetic fields of alternating-current equipment. It is used to control voltage on the transmission network. Reactive power must be supplied to most types of magnetic equipment, such as motors and transformers. It also must supply the reactive losses on transmission facilities. Reactive power is provided by generators, synchronous condensers, or electrostatic equipment such as capacitors and directly influences electric system voltage. It is usually expressed in kilovars (kVAr) or megavars (MVAr), and is the mathematical product of voltage and current consumed by reactive loads. Examples of reactive loads include capacitors and inductors. These types of loads, when connected to an alternating current voltage source, will draw current, but because the current is 90 degrees out of phase with the applied voltage, they actually consume no real power.

Real Time Pricing (Public Utilities Act)
Charges for delivered electric power and energy that vary on an hour-to-hour basis for retail customers.
A Realtor is an entity working with Ameren energy efficiency programs and the customer to sell, rent, or invest in the customer’s property(s). Realtors can now access 12-24 months of electricity and natural gas usage history, dollar amounts charged for consumption and an average bill amount.

Refundable Deposit (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
An amount paid by a Customer and/or Applicant in cash or other payment arrangements available and agreed to by the Company, to the Company, that potentially may be refunded in whole or in part, when certain conditions are met.

Regional Transmission Organization (RTO) (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
An independent organization formed by transmission owners, transmission users, and other entities that is responsible for ensuring nondiscriminatory open transmission access and the planning and security of the combined bulk transmission systems of transmission owners within a given geographic region, and which has been approved by FERC pursuant to Order No. 2000, 89 FERC ¶ 61.285 (1999).

Reliability (EEI)
The degree of performance of the elements of the bulk electric system that results in electricity being delivered to customers within accepted standards and in the amount desired. Reliability may be measured by the frequency, duration, and magnitude of adverse effects on the electric supply.

Residential (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
Those Customers eligible for Residential service pursuant to the Availability Section of Rate DS-1 - Residential Delivery Service.

Residential Service (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
Residential Service, for purposes of determining Line and/or Service Extension applicability, is the electric service rendered to two Customers or less on the same Premises and qualifying for the Residential rate.

Retail Aggregate Load (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
The electric power and energy delivered by the Company to its Retail Customers, including losses on the distribution and transmission systems located in the Company’s Service Territory.

Retail Aggregate Load - BGS-FP (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
The portion of the Retail Aggregate Load attributable to Retail Customers in the following Customer Groups as described in the Customer Supply Groups section of this Definitions part and served pursuant to the BGS-FP Category Auction Products:
Residential Customer Groups (BGS-1), Small General Service Customer Group (BGS-2), General Service Customer Group (BGS-3), Lighting Service Customer Group (BGS-5), Optional Real Time Pricing Customer Groups (RTP-1, RTP-2, RTP-3).

Retail Aggregate Load - BGS-LFP (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
The portion of the Retail Aggregate Load attributable to Retail Customers in the Large General Service (BGS-4) Customer Group as described in the Customer Supply Groups Definition section of this Definitions parts and served pursuant to the BGS-LFP Category Auction Products.

Retail Aggregate Load - BGS-LRTP (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
The Retail Aggregate Load attributable to Retail Customers in the Large General Service (RTP-4) Customer Group electing Real-Time Pricing and Retail Customers in the Large General Service Customer Group who self generate 5,000 kW or more as described in the Customer Supply Groups section of this Definitions part and served pursuant to the BGS-LRTP Category Auction Products.

Retail Electric Supplier (RES) (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
Retail Electric Supplier or RES means either:
(i) an Alternative Retail Electric Supplier (ARES), as long as it remains certified by the ICC pursuant to the Public Utilities Act, authorized to provide electric power and energy supply services in the Company’s service territory (or service area); or (ii) an Illinois electric utility other than the Company, providing electric power and energy service in Company’s service territory (or service area).

Retail Off-Peak period (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
Retail Off-Peak Period means all hours other than those included in the Retail Peak Period.

Retail Peak Period or Retail On-Peak Period (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
The hours from 10 A.M. until 10 P.M. Central Prevailing Time (CPT), Monday through Friday except New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day or if one of the preceding holidays occurs on a Sunday, the Monday immediately following the holiday.

Retail Supply Charges (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
The Market Value prices determined pursuant to this Rider and applicable to Retail Customers electing electric power and energy supply from the Company.
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