Glossary Terms S - W

Please note that each glossary term is followed by the source of the definition.
Section (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
The Fixed Price Section or the Hourly Price Section within the Illinois Auction.

Service Area or Service Territory (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
Defined in Section 16-102 of the Act, the boundaries of which may be modified by Commission approval pursuant to the Electric Suppliers Act (220 ILCS 30/1 et seq).

Service Extension (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
Service Extension, for purposes of calculating Extension charges, is that portion of the Extension dedicated to the Customer, on Customer’s Premises and means the wiring and equipment used for delivering energy, regardless of voltage, from either the Distribution System or the Line Extension to the Company’s designated Point of Delivery.

Short-Term Firm Point-to-Point Transmission Service (Ameren RES Handbook)
Firm Point-to-Point Transmission Service under Part II of MISO’s EMT with a term of less than one year.

Single Billing or Single Billing Option (SBO) (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
A Customer's RES issues a single bill that contains the charges for the service provided by both the RES and the Company.

Small Commercial Retail Customer (Public Utilities Act)
A non-residential customer that consumes 15,000 kilowatt hours or less of electricity annually in its service area.

Staff (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
The Staff of the ICC.

Standard Cost Equivalent (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
The free line extension allowance which is the cost equivalent of up to 250 feet of single-phase overhead Distribution System, excluding the cost of a transformer, and any abnormal construction conditions or unusual expenditures.

Subdivision (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
A parcel or parcels of land consisting of four or more residential lots whose site plan or plats have been recorded with the appropriate governmental agencies.

Summer Period (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
The June, July, August, and September monthly periods.

Supplemental (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
Electric power and energy supply in excess of the amount classified as Backup.

Supplier Forward Contract (SFC) (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
A standard contract form pursuant to which the Company enters into binding wholesale contracts for the procurement of electric power and energy supply, and certain other related services, from suppliers as described in this Rider.

Supplier of Last Resort (EEI)
The company providing generation services to those who do not choose another supplier, are unable to find a supplier willing to serve them, or for some reason no longer receive generation services from another supplier. Typically, the Local Distribution Utility or Delivery Service Company is the Supplier of Last Resort.

Supply Voltage (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
The voltage of transmission or distribution lines used for delivery of electric energy to Customer’s Premises before the connection of transformers.

Tariff (EEI)
A document filed with the regulatory authority(s) (FERC and/or ICC) specifying lawful rates, charges, rules and conditions under which the utility provides service to the public.

Tariffed Service (Public Utilities Act)
Services provided to retail customers by an electric utility as defined by its rates on file with the Commission pursuant to the provisions of Article IX of the Act, but shall not include competitive services.

Tranche (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
Tranche of the Retail Aggregate Load - BGS-FP, or the Retail Aggregate Load - BGS-LFP or the Retail Aggregate Load BGS-LRTP means a percentage share of the Retail Aggregate Load - BGS-FP, or the Retail Aggregate Load - BGS-LFP or the Retail Aggregate Load BGS-LRTP, respectively in each hour. The approximate size of a Tranche is 50 MW of peak coincident retail load.

Transmission Customer (EEI)
Any eligible customer (or its designated agent) that can or does execute a transmission service agreement or can or does receive transmission service.

Transmission Provider (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
Any entity that owns, operates or controls facilities used for transmission of electric energy in interstate commerce and which provides Transmission Service under a tariff approved by FERC.

Transmission Service (Ameren Illinois Tariff)
The services identified as transmission services in the applicable tariffs on file with the FERC for the provision of transmission services within the Company's service territory.

Transmission System (EEI)
An interconnected group of electric transmission lines and associated equipment for moving or transferring electric energy in bulk between points of supply and points at which it is transformed for delivery over the distribution system lines to customers, or is delivered to other electric systems.

Unbundled Service (Public Utilities Act)
A component or constituent part of a tariffed service which the electric utility subsequently offers separately to its customers.

Usage History
A report that reflects 12-24 months of electric and/or natural gas consumption, the service address and the average bill amount.

Volt (EEI)
The unit of electromotive force or electric pressure analogous to water pressure in pounds per square inch. It is the electromotive force that, if steadily applied to a circuit having a resistance of one ohm, will produce a current of one ampere.

Watt (EEI)
The electric unit of power or rate of doing work.
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