Load Profile Forecasting Service Instructions


Step 1 – Register for the Service

To register for the service, please call the Transmission Services Business Center at 888.263.7361. The RES will need to provide contact name, phone number, and email address to which forecasted data should be sent.

Step 2 – Log In

  • From Ameren's home page, select IL Customer Choice.
  • From the Illinois Customer Choice page, select Load Profile Information.
  • From the Load Profile Information page, select Load Profile Forecasting Service Information.
  • From the Load Profile Forecasting Service Information page, select Log In to the Load Profile Forecasting Service.
  • At the Login Page, enter your Username and Password.

Step 3 – Enter Temperature Forecasts


On the Weather Forecast page enter in the high and low temperature forecasts. Up to seven days of data may be entered on this window. Only the first day is required. It is not necessary to enter forecasts for each city. Entering temperatures for Springfield is required to get forecasts for the AmerenCIPS service area. Entering temperatures for St. Louis is required to get profiles for the AmerenCIPS-Metro East service area. The AmerenIP service area requires temperatures for Peoria, Decatur, and Belleville.

Note: the default start date is tomorrow’s calendar date. To forecast farther into the future, click in the start date box, and enter the desired date in MM/DD/YYYY format. Click the change date button and the screen will be refreshed with the revised dates. Weather data may then be input.

Step 4 – Submit Temperature Forecasts


After entering the weather forecast values, click on the Submit button located at the bottom of the page. This will initiate two actions. First, you will be switched automatically to the Forecast Submitted page. The forecast values you entered will be displayed on this page. If you desire to makes changes and re-submit your forecast simply press the Back button on your browser. Second, the resulting load profile forecast will be sent to you via email. Normally, you can expect the forecast within ten to fifteen minutes from the time you submit your temperature forecast. The forecast will be emailed to the address provided to the Transmission Services Business Center in Step 1. If you still have not received your forecast 30 minutes after you have submitted it, email AmerenWeb@itron.com.

Step 5 – Returned E-mail with Load Forecasts

The load forecasts are sent in a Microsoft Excel workbook. The workbook’s name identifies the RES name as well as a date/time stamp for when the forecast was generated. (For example, RESA.1212000.51400pm.xls).

Should you have any questions regarding the load profile forecasting service, please call the Transmission Services Business Center at 888.263.7361, or contact us via e-mail at tsbc@ameren.com.

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