Supplier Diversity Process

Supplier Diversity 
Ameren’s sourcing process is designed to provide and increase opportunities for businesses that are certified as minority (i.e., African American, Asian Pacific American, Asian Sub-Continent American, Hispanic American, and Native American)-, women-, veteran-, LGBT- and service disabled veteran-owned enterprises.

How does Ameren’s program increase opportunities for these businesses?
  • Through inclusion in the procurement process;
  • By providing access to Ameren opportunities; and
  • Through community outreach, mentoring, training, and participation in economic conferences in the communities we serve.

Steps toward full participation
  1. Complete Ameren’s Supplier Diversity registration form. To be awarded Ameren business, diverse suppliers must meet standard qualification requirements including technical, operational and safety standards.
  2. Potential suppliers are identified. The Ameren Supplier Diversity Team, Sourcing and professionals in the supply chain and business segment professionals help potential suppliers identify the level at which their organization can do business with Ameren.
  3. Ameren business segments rely on our process to meet their needs. Ameren’s process for procuring goods and services identifies strong diverse suppliers for every portion of the business.
  4. Consider other certification. We strongly encourage potential diverse suppliers to obtain certification through local, regional and/or national certifying agencies.

Organizational Support
Ameren has relationships and affiliations with:

Ameren also utilizes local certifying agencies in order to verify diverse business status:
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