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First Line Supervisor (FLS) Test Information

The First Line Supervisor (FLS) Test is a multi-media test, used to help select people for first line supervisory positions. The test utilizes videos, sound recordings, emails, a sample employee handbook, and other sample materials to simulate situations commonly encountered by supervisors at Ameren.

The test lasts approximately four hours, with one break around the mid-point of the test. It is administered on a computer, but only requires simple pointing and clicking - it is NOT a test of your ability to use a computer.


Taking the Test
During the test, you will be presented with a variety of situations, some of them in the form of a video or sound recording. You will then be asked how you might react to the situation or solve the problem it presents. Below is a graphic from the tutorial, taken at the beginning of the test.
test example
The Resource Bar contains access to various information sources you may need, to answer the test question (i.e., a policy manual, emails, work orders, work schedules and voice mails). It also shows how much time is left on that section of the test.

The Question and Answer Area contains the test question and answer choices.
The Navigation Bar contains buttons for you to click to move from question to question.

Look at the following sample. After being presented with a scenario (either through a video clip, sound recording or email), you will be asked a question regarding what you would do as the supervisor:

sample test


You can click the Schedule icon to display the employee schedule:

employee schedule
You can choose to use the schedule, along with information from the policy manual, to determine how to replace a key member of a three person crew, when one of them calls in sick. Then you would click on the answer you think is right.
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