Employee Testimonials

Ameren's Veterans speak...

Tony Estrada - Security Shift Assistant Supervisor, Callaway Nuclear Plant 


Tony served in the U.S. Air Force as a Law Enforcement Specialist, and also worked in the Investigations Section for a short time while stationed in the U.K.

He is currently performing duties as a Security Shift Assistant Supervisor, after being assigned to the Security Training Department for approximately seven years.

Tony receives "great satisfaction from being able to assist all plant personnel, to work in a safe and cheerful environment."

Tony has been at Callaway Plant for almost 28 years, and has always committed his job performance to be at the highest level of performance possible, everyday.

Patrick Owens - General Supervisor Contact Center 


Patrick currently serves in the U.S. Army Reserves (34 years), and is a Lieutenant Colonel, Infantry Officer serving in the 80 Infantry Regiment out of Indianapolis, Indiana.

He is presently a an AMI Meter Lead. Patrick finds that he draws on leadership, organizational and people skills learned while serving, to help accomplish his duties.

During his tenure, he has found support from co-workers within Ameren, from supervisors and managers who have supported his peace time training and war time deployment, to co-workers giving Patrick their personal phone numbers, so they could assist his wife and family while he was deployed.

Patrick appreciates their generosity. "What great people!" he said. Additionally, his co-workers sent many packages overseas for him to share with fellow soldiers and local Guardsmen.

Aubrey Picard - Regional Clerk 


Aubrey served in the U.S. Navy for four years as a Yeoman 3rd Class, and was stationed at Pearl Harbor, where she worked as an office manager for the Water Transportation Division.

She currently works as a Customer Care Associate where she finds a high level of job satisfaction know that she's directly impacting the company's customer service goals.

Her Naval tour taught her strong organizational skills, and a high level of attention to detail, which are utilized daily in her current position. Aubrey stated, "The military instills a quality work ethic in an individual, that companies like Ameren find very desirable in employees.

Ameren is a company whose mission and values are top notch, just like those of our country's military. In addition, the pay and benefits offered are very attractive, and more than comparable to other job opportunities."

Employee Testimonials

Ameren's Veterans speak...

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