Test Results and Retesting

After completing the First Line Supervisor (FLS) test, we will send you a feedback report within a few business days. We will also provide the hiring manager with a Recommended or Not Recommended result on your test.

If you are Not Recommended on the FLS, you will no longer be considered for the position you tested for, but you may be eligible to retest in the future. You may retest one time after 90 days. If you are Not Recommended on the second attempt, you are required to wait 18 months and demonstrate that you have pursued developmental activity (e.g., relevant education, experience, work assignments, or project roles) in those 18 months. All retests are scheduled by invitation only. To retake a test, you must reapply for a new position requiring that test.
If you are Recommended on the FLS, you will be contacted by a recruiter about the next steps in Ameren's hiring process. Your test results are good for as long as Ameren uses this test. 
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