Cape Girardeau Electric Reliability Program

Lutesville - Heritage - Hitt - Cape Clark

Ameren supplies the Cape Girardeau region with electricity via a system of substations, transmission and sub-transmission lines. This infrastructure is necessary for the area's residents and growing economy.   Cape Girardeau Electric Reliability Program Definitions
A recent analysis performed by Ameren shows that there is a need for infrastructure improvements in order to ensure safe, reliable power to adequately meet future electricity requirements of the region.  
The Cape Girardeau Electric Reliability Program includes the construction of two new substations - Hitt and Heritage - a 34.5 kV sub-transmission line to serve Cape Clark Substation from Hitt, and a 345 kV transmission line to serve Heritage from the Lutesville Substation. The two new line segments are named Lutesville-Heritage and Hitt-Cape Clark. See program components on the map below.  
The Heritage and Hitt Substations will be constructed on Ameren-owned land located south of State Highway K and east of County Road 318. The substations will be designed and constructed to high seismic standards.  
A new, 12.5-mile 345 kV transmission line will be built connecting the existing Lutesville Substation located off State Highway U and the new Heritage Substation.  
A 6-mile 34.5 kV sub-transmission line from Cape Clark Substation to the new Hitt Substation will be added to an existing sub-transmission line. New single pole structures will replace most of the existing wood poles to accommodate the added circuit.  
Ameren will keep local residents, businesses and other interested parties informed about this project.  
The projected timeline for construction is fourth quarter 2014 through May 2016, with preliminary engineering activity beginning in April 2014.  
Lutesville - Heritage, Hitt - Cape Clark Map                      (Available with Fact Sheet)
Cape Girardeau Electric Reliability Program
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