Our Community Development Services

Ameren offers a variety of resources to help your community reach long-term success. The Ameren Economic Development team provides local, regional and state development allies with access to technical programs and resources designed to improve overall economic competitiveness in retaining existing business and attracting growth. These programs and resources include:
bullet    Partners in Development
This self-evaluation tool was developed by Ameren to help local development allies evaluate programs and identify strengths and weaknesses that affect their ability to effectively compete for new business investment. The guide is available upon request. 

  Location One Information System (LOIS)
LOIS is a properties and community information database that is utilized throughout the country to promote communities and properties that are suitable for business development. Through Ameren’s license, the service is available at no charge for communities and development organizations in Ameren’s service territory. 

  Regional Economy Profiles
For economic development effectiveness, it is imperative that economic developers and local leaders understanding the strengths and weaknesses of their economy. Ameren has partnered with Smart Solutions, an economic development consultant, to prepare customized “Regional Economy Profiles” that show critical components of a county’s or region’s economy. These are available to development allies within Ameren’s service territory on a shared cost basis. Please contact us for program and cost details.  

  Business Retention & Expansion (BRE)
Existing employers offer every community the best opportunity to generate new or retain business development activity. Ameren is committed to partnering with our local allies to provide assistance to businesses in our service territory. We welcome the opportunity to discuss establishing or improving a local or regionally based BRE program.  

  Professional Development
A key to optimizing the effectiveness of any economic developer is to grow professionally and stay current on trends within the profession. Ameren supports a wide range of economic development training and direct support to organizations that sponsor quality professional development opportunities. For additional details, please call us.

  Lead Response Assistance
Most economic development leads that are received include questions about utility service. Please contact Ameren Economic Development to get the answers needed to respond to gas and/or electric questions that are being asked. We can also assist with providing responses to questions that go beyond energy-related issues.

  Prospect Handling Assistance
Once a company has a confirmed interest in a community for possible investment, utility questions will certainly be on their list of issues that will need to be addressed. Ameren’s Economic Development staff stands ready to provide the assistance that is needed to address those issues in a complete and timely manner. Given our experience in dealing with non-utility matters, we are also available to collaborate on other issues that are important to prospects.

Contact Us
For additional information about the above listed services or to discuss other issues that are of importance to local and/or regional development, we encourage you to contact us at 800.981.9409 and we will be happy to assist you. 


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