Downed Power Lines

Stay safe around downed power lines. 

Safety Tips

  • If you see downed power lines, stay away at least 10 feet, warn others and call Ameren to report the location.
  • Never drive over a downed power line.
  • Never touch any electrical power lines. Keep your family and pets away from the lines.
  • If a tree or branch falls on an electric line, call Ameren to report the location.
  • DO NOT remove a tree limb or other object from a power line. Electricity can travel through objects, especially when they are wet.
  • Don't attempt to rescue someone who makes contact with a downed power line - you could become a victim yourself. Call 911.
  • Stay away from anything a downed power line comes in contact with, including fences or trees.
  • Remember, it's hard to tell the difference between an electric line, a telephone line or a cable line. Treat any line as an energized and dangerous line.
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