High-Voltage Power Line Safety

High voltage line safety 
  • If you operate heavy equipment, such as a backhoe, dump truck, bucket truck or crane, you should be particularly mindful of high-voltage power lines. Workers on ladders and scaffolding or those handling long equipment or tools should use caution as well.

  • Call Ameren and let us know you will be working around power lines. If the job requires special attention around the lines, an Ameren crew may be dispatched to make sure your company is working safely.

  • Use caution when working around damaged utility poles or guy wires.

If contact is made with high-voltage power lines:

  • Do not move. Stay in place on the equipment until help arrives. Do not touch any metal while on the equipment. Do not break contact by moving the machine out of place.

  • If it is absolutely necessary to get off the equipment, jump as far out as possible, land with both feet together and hop - do not walk or run. The ground is energized around the area and could create an electrical path through your body if your feet are apart.

  • If a co-worker has come into contact with a high-voltage line, do not attempt to touch him or her or go near the area until power has been shut off.

More on Missouri's Overhead Power Line Safety Act.

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