Contributions Focused on Positive Change

We believe that recognition of charitable needs is a basic part of good corporate citizenship. That's why each year millions of dollars are donated from the Ameren Corporation Charitable Trust to support local organizations involved with educational institutions and programs, civic and cultural organizations, youth activities, senior programs and social services, with particular focus on the following areas:

  • Environment - Supporting initiatives that preserve and protect our natural resources.
  • Youth and Education - Delivering programming and resources that give our young people every opportunity for success. 
  • Civic and Community - Assisting organizations whose services are focused on improving the quality of life for residents and businesses in our communities. 
  • Health and Human Services - Providing resources needed to help our most vulnerable live productive, physically and socially active lives. 
  • Arts and Culture - Creating vibrant, culturally diverse communities that give residents opportunities for enrichment. 
Contributions from the Ameren Corporate Charitable Trust are limited to organizations within the Ameren service areas. Funds come entirely from corporate earnings, and are not charged to customers as a business expense. 

Learn more about opportunities for financial assistance:

Please Note: Qualifying organizations are those that are 501(c)(3) tax-exempt. Grants are not generally made to individuals or political, religious, fraternal, veteran, social or similar groups. Ameren cannot donate electric or natural gas service.

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