Cost of Converting

Generally, there are two areas of cost when considering converting to natural gas. Pipeline extension costs include the work Ameren must do to get natural gas to your home. Appliance costs include the work typically performed by a qualified plumbing or heating contractor.
Pipeline Extension Costs  
  Gas mains must typically be extended in order to serve customers living in rural areas. Ameren will provide a portion of the pipeline extension at no cost to the customer. The customer will pay for any additional lengths of service pipe or gas main at the rates defined in our tariffs.     
  Since each new Ameren gas customer is eligible for a specific length of main extension without cost, a group of customers living in the same neighborhood may be able to combine their allotted extensions to increase the total main extension and decrease the overall cost of the project.
Free Extension Length  
  Ameren Illinois continually expands and upgrades our energy delivery system to meet the needs of growing communities. To help reduce the costs of conversion, Ameren Illinois now provides up to 400 ft. of gas main extension and 60 ft. of service pipeline extension FREE to each new natural gas customer. That's twice the free main footage available under previous policies. Additional costs may apply if there are abnormal construction conditions.
Estimated Appliance Conversion Costs
  See the table below for the estimated costs for converting your appliances. Note that depending on the age and make of the equipment, some appliances may not be able to be retrofitted to natural gas and will need to be replaced to operate safely.
  estimated conversion costs
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