Your Next Steps

It's easy to convert to natural gas. Start with contacting us and following the steps outlined below. We will work with you through every phrase of your conversion process.

Green Bullet #1 Start by calling or emailing us to see if natural gas is available at your location. If you are sending an email, please provide your service address for the potential gas service and contact information.

  Ameren Illinois Phone: 888.659.4540
Green Bullet #2 Complete the new service application and pay any required deposits.
Green Bullet #3 Get your home and property ready for new natural gas service:
Check for required easements, licenses or permits, and clear right-of-ways of trees and other obstructions.

Locate and mark your underground facilities such as gas pool heaters or permanently installed gas grills.

Determine your meter location preference. The preferred meter location is typically 3-5 ft. from the front corner of the house, 3 ft. from an ignition source (electric meter or air conditioner) and 1 ft. from an opening (window or vent).
Work with your qualified plumbing or heating contractor to upgrade your home fuel line. This will include converting your appliances from propane to natural gas with a conversion kit that your contractor can install.  
natural gas installation
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