Alerts and Notifications


Manage your account 24/7 when it's convenient for you, and use Ameren Alerts and Notifications to help keep you on track. 


Here's how to sign up: Text Alerts  |  Email Alerts


Available Alerts

Get detailed information on all of your Ameren alert options.

Outage Information*              
Energy Assistance Pledge Posted+
Paperless Billing  
Weekly Cost Summary 
Bill Reminders+  
Cost Threshold
Budget Billing++  
Usage Threshold
Payment Notice+  
Connect & Disconnect
Credit Issues+  

*  Outage Information alerts will send a notification when power may be off in your area, as well as providing estimated restoration updates for reported outages.

+  Default alerts with sign-up

++Default alert for program participants only

Do Not Disturb Option

You have the option to schedule times when you will not be interrupted by your alerts. You can set different times for each alert.


Message and data rates may apply. For more information, see terms and conditions.

Outage Notifications Feature 

Learn more about our new outage notification feature which alerts customers to a possible outage at their service location.

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