You can disrupt utility service - and even put your life in danger - just by failing to have the locations of natural gas, electric and other underground utility lines clearly marked before you plant a tree, set a fence post or build a new deck. Remember, it's the law - you need to call 811 before you dig.

In Illinois:
Call 811 or contact JULIE - Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators. See the JULIE website.

In Missouri:
Call 811 or contact Missouri One Call. See the Missouri One Call website.

Why Call?
Don't gamble with your safety. If you're a professional excavator or a homeowner, smart digging always requires a call to 811. Knowing where underground utility lines are buried before you dig will help protect you from injury and prevent damages to utilities, service disruptions and potential fines and repair costs.

Whether you're planting a tree or shrub, or installing a deck or pool, every job requires a call - even if you've called before for a similar project. The depth of utility lines varies, and there may be multiple utility lines in one common area. Marked lines show you the approximate location of underground lines and help prevent undesired consequences such as injury, service disruptions to an entire neighborhood, or costly fines and repair costs.

Paint and Flag Colors
Know the universal color to indicate what's buried below.
  • Red - Electric
  • Orange - Communications, Telephone/CATV
  • Blue - Potable Water
  • Green - Sewer/Drainage
  • Yellow - Gas/Petroleum Pipe Line
  • Purple - Reclaimed Water
  • White - Premark site of intended excavation
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