Banding the Chicks

Banding Day 2014
Four peregrine falcon chicks were banded on May 23 at the Ameren Missouri Sioux Energy Center. Jeff Meshach, Director, World Bird Sanctuary, lead the banding efforts by removing the chicks from the nesting box then returning them after bands had been placed on their legs.

View our videos to see some of the banding activities and to learn more about peregrines from Jeff!

Banding day for the peregrine
falcon chicks, May 23.
More about peregrine falcons from
Jeff Meshach, Director, World Bird

World Bird Sanctuary's (WBS) reintroduction program has placed more than 80 captive hatched peregrines back into Missouri's wild. Bands are placed on the chick's leg and are color coded and lettered. Spotters can then visually identify individual birds by observing the band without needing to recapture it. The numbers on the bands are sent to the U.S. Geological Survey, which catalogs the information for future reference.
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