Eggs in Nesting Box


Two Chicks
May 2:  Two chicks are now in the nesting box and hungry for lunch! Check out SiouxZee feeding the chicks in the video below.

SiouxZee provides lunch for the new chicks.
First Chick Hatches!

May 1:  This morning the first peregrine falcon chick hatched in the Ameren Missouri Souix Energy Center nesting box!

The chick took approximately one hour to hatch. The photo on the right shows the chick emerging from the egg as SiouxZee checks its progress.

Often during the process, the chick would work at removing the egg shell, rest, then work again.

View our video below of the chick indicating hunger when Coal brings lunch to the nesting box during SiouxZee's break time.
  First chick hatches May 1.
The first peregrine falcon chick hatches on May 1!

SiouxZee feeds the new chick just a few hours after its hatching.

It Takes Two

A few days ago, our camera caught SiouxZee and Coal sharing parenting responsibilities!

Watch the video clip to see Coal sitting on the eggs. You'll notice that he flies in and waits for SiouxZee to leave, then he takes her place to help incubate the eggs.
SiouxZee Lays Egg #5!

Mar. 30: Early this afternoon, another egg was spotted in the nesting box, bringing the total to five!

You may notice through the live-streaming video that SiouxZee keeps the eggs warm and protected by placing them between her legs and under her body.

This may account for why the female is larger than the males in birds of prey. With a larger body, the female can more efficiently incubate the eggs and brood the young chicks.

Five eggs now in the clutch!
Four Eggs!

Mar. 28: The size of the clutch continues to grow! SiouxZee has laid four eggs in the nesting box.

The eggs are reddish in color with dark flecks and are laid in a "scrape" of accumulated debris instead of a nest.

Notice how SiouxZee has scraped a slight depression so the eggs rest within a bumper of the debris. This is her way of keeping the eggs from rolling out of the nesting box.

More postings of the nesting activities will be added as the family continues to grow!

Four eggs in the nesting box!
The First Egg!

SiouxZee laid her first egg Mar. 21, and it's expected she will have 3 or 4 more eggs before the clutch is complete.

This pair of peregrine falcons were spotted at the Ameren Missouri Sioux Energy Center in February - checking out the nesting box. It appears this is the same pair of falcons we observed nesting in the box in 2012 and 2013, SiouxZee and Coal.

In 2006 SiouxZee was hatched in Iowa, and Coal was hatched at Ameren Missouri's Labadie Energy Center in 2004.

SiouxZee, a female peregrine falcon, lays her first egg, Mar. 21.
SiouxZee, a female peregrine falcon, lays her first egg in Ameren Missouri's Sioux Energy Center nesting box.
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