Learn About Falcons!

Visit the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) educational page on falcons! You will find fact sheets, classroom activities and lesson plans to help students in all grades learn about the peregrine falcon activities.

Materials were developed in partnership with the World Bird Sanctuary, St. Louis, Mo. Other material adapted from the MDC's Discover Nature Schools program.

Falcon Study materials are available for the following:

Did you know peregrine falcons...
  • Don't build nests?
    They lay 2 - 4 reddish, dark flecked eggs in cliff hollows, bare rocky outcrops or tall building ledges with a bit of gravel to bumper the eggs.
  • Are considered the fastest animal on earth?
    Peregrine falcons have been clocked diving at 261 mph.
  • Are "helmet heads"?
    The markings of an adult peregrine falcon include a black helmet on the head, whitish neck and lightly barred breast.
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