Faraday-PPG Transmission Project

We depend on reliable electricity every day. The electric transmission grid on which we rely is comprised of a large network of interconnected transmission lines. This network is the backbone to delivering power to our homes, schools and businesses.

In order to bring power from interspersed generators to you, transmission lines deliver electricity to substations, which reduce the electricity to lower voltages so it can travel through the distribution system to your home or business.


Ameren is working on the development of the Faraday-PPG Transmission Project. This work includes the construction of one double-circuit 138,000-volt transmission line, to connect the new Ameren Faraday Substation to the existing PPG (Pittsburgh Plate Glass) Substation. Visit the Maps section for more information on the location of the final approved route.

The final approved route is approximately eight miles long using single shaft steel poles. The new lines will support the overall Illinois Rivers Project, recently approved by the Illinois Commerce Commission. The Faraday-PPG Transmission Project is anticipated to be in-service by December 2016. Find more information: Faraday-PPG Transmission Project Fact Sheet.
The Faraday-PPG Transmission Project is a key component in integrating the approved Illinois Rivers Project into the existing system and is necessary to achieve the full benefits of the Illinois Rivers Project which include:
Improve electric system reliability
Improve access to renewable energy sources
Support of the State of Illinois in meeting its Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS)
Improve access to lower-cost electricity by reducing transmission congestion
The Faraday-PPG Transmission Project will also support approximately 30 construction jobs.

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New transmission line
Length: Approximately 8 miles long
   Location: Near Mt. Zion, IL
In-service date: December 2016
Voltage: 138,000-volt
Structures: single shaft steel poles
Easement width: 100 feet
Typical span: 800 feet
On June 16, 2015, the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) issued a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) and approved a final route. The ICC order can be viewed or downloaded from their website: Case Number 15-0064 Final Order.

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