Annual Assessment of Board and Board Committee Performance

The Board of Directors reviews its performance, structure and processes in order to assess how effectively it is functioning. This assessment is implemented and administered by the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee through an annual Board self-evaluation survey and director peer assessment. Further, each of the Audit and Risk Committee, Human Resources Committee, Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee, Nuclear and Operations Committee and Finance Committee of the Board conducts an annual evaluation of its performance. After reviewing the Board self evaluations and director peer assessments, the Lead Director discusses the Board’s effectiveness with each director individually. The Lead Director reports on the Board self evaluations and director peer assessments. The full Board of Directors discusses the Board self-evaluation, director peer assessment and committee evaluation reports to determine what, if any, action could improve (1) Board and Board committee performance and (2) if necessary, a director’s performance as it relates to the overall effectiveness of the Board.

In addition to the performance evaluations and assessments described above, the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee also reviews annually the performance of all incumbent directors who are eligible for re-election at the Company’s next annual meeting of shareholders.
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