Automatic Cash Investment

Automatic Cash Investment 
Ameren's Automatic Cash Investment offers participants in DRPlus a free direct debit service. Optional cash investments can be electronically withdrawn from your checking or savings account on a regular monthly basis to purchase Ameren common stock.

  • Convenient
    Whether you are away on business, taking a vacation or just too busy, your optional cash investment for the purchase of Ameren stock is automatically withdrawn from your bank account each month.


  • Efficient
    Funds for stock purchase are electronically withdrawn from your bank account about the 25th day of each month.


  • Safe
    You no longer need to worry if your personal check has been lost or delayed in the mail.

The direct debit from your bank account will be shown on the monthly statement from your financial institution. In addition, you will receive an activity statement from Ameren detailing the cash received and shares purchased.

The Automatic Cash Investment option may be authorized for regular monthly amounts from $25 to $30,000, not to exceed $360,000 per calendar year.

To take advantage of this DRPlus option, complete the Automatic Cash Investment Application and mail it to Ameren's Investor Services.

Enrollment forms received by the 9th of the month will be included in the current month's investment. Forms received after the 9th of the month will be included in the next month's investment.

You may terminate this service by notifying Ameren's Investor Services.

We welcome the opportunity to be of service to you.
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