DRPlus Automatic Cash Investment Application Instructions

The Automatic Cash Investment option is only available to participants in the Plan.

Your name and account number, as it appears on your activity statement, must be entered on the Automatic Cash Investment application, along with the social security number for the DRPlus account, in order for the application to be processed. Contact us if you have a question regarding your account.

Instructions to take advantage of the Automatic Cash Investment Option of DRPlus:

  1. Complete the online application. Print the application for your records.

  2. Enclose a voided check, if your checking account is to be debited. Enclose a deposit slip, if your savings account is to be debited. Your bank account will be debited monthly for the amount of your optional cash investment until such time as you notify Ameren to stop the investment.

  3. Sign and date the application.

  4. Select your delivery method and mail the above items to:

U.S. Mail
Ameren Services Company
Investor Services
P.O. Box 66887
St. Louis, MO 63166-6887
                     Overnight Delivery
Ameren Services Company
Investor Services; M.C. 1035
One Ameren Plaza
1901 Chouteau Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63103
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