Direct Deposit Instructions

You must have an existing stock account with Ameren AND receive a cash dividend in order to use this form.

If you are reinvesting your dividend, you CANNOT DIRECT DEPOSIT your dividend in your bank account until you forward instructions to Ameren to stop reinvestment. To discontinue reinvesting your dividend, complete the back of your activity statement or complete a new DRPlus Enrollment Form, changing your reinvestment option to pay cash dividends.

If you currently receive a cash stock dividend from Ameren, you may choose to have your dividend direct deposited in your bank account. All information on the application must be completed, including your Taxpayer ID Number and stock account number, in order for the application to be processed. Contact us if you have a question regarding your account.
  1. Complete the online application. Print the application for your records.
  2. Attach a voided check if your checking account is to be credited with your quarterly dividend. Attach a deposit slip if your savings account is to be credited with your quarterly dividend.
  3. Sign and date the Direct Deposit application.
  4. Mail the application to:
    Ameren Services Company
    Investor Services
    P.O. Box 66887
    St. Louis, MO 63166-6887
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