Overview of Investor Services

Investor Services 
Ameren is the transfer agent, paying agent and dividend reinvestment plan agent for its stock. We offer quality, personal service to our stockholders. As our own Record Keeper, Ameren can provide investors the individual attention they deserve as valued stockholders.
Transfer Agent
Ameren Services Company acts as Transfer Agent for Ameren Corporation common stock, Union Electric Company preferred stock and Ameren Illinois Company preferred stock. Transfer requirements may be obtained by contacting Investor Services.
Dividend Reinvestment and Stock Purchase Plan (DRPlus)
Ameren offers new investors and current stockholders the opportunity to invest in common stock through its Dividend Reinvestment and Stock Purchase Plan DRPlus.

Automatic Cash Investment
Current participants in DRPlus who wish to send monthly cash investments to purchase common shares may take advantage of our Automatic Cash Investment option. Participation in this service authorizes Ameren to withdraw the same amount each month from a stockholder's bank account to purchase additional Ameren stock, eliminating the need to mail a monthly check. The minimum automatic cash investment per month is $25; the maximum investment is $30,000 per month. Participation in Automatic Cash Investment is optional.
Dividend Direct Deposit
Ameren stockholders can have their cash dividends directly deposited into their bank account each quarter by signing up for our Direct Deposit option. Investors no longer need to worry about lost, stolen or destroyed dividend checks - the funds are electronically deposited into their bank account on payment date - even during vacation!
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