How We Prepare

When severe weather threatens, or when the National Weather Service issues weather warnings, Ameren's storm team is notified. This information is used to determine when and where to mobilize restoration crews.

Emergency Operation Centers (EOC)

When severe weather begins to cause damage to our system, we activate our Emergency Operation Center (EOC).

EOC personnel track the storm, coordinate preparation efforts, and, if the storm causes more damage than local crews can restore quickly, they immediately begin recruiting outside restoration help. Additional help first comes from other Ameren support and if more resources are needed, we contact mutual assistance partners (see below) to quickly get help from other utilities.

Storm Trailers
Storm trailers are mobile warehouses stocked with materials needed to help crews with their restoration efforts. The trailers are moved to staging sites close to the areas with the most damage.

Damage Assessment
Field checkers are dispatched immediately to begin assessing the damage to structures and equipment. The initial assessment helps us estimate the number of crews required, resources and materials needed, and the estimated restoration time.

A team coordinates staging sites, lodging, meals and other items necessary to support restoration crews.

Mutual Assistance Partners
Typically, our local crews handle outages in their area and make repairs safely and quickly. Mutual Assistance Partners help Ameren respond when storm damage is greater than we can manage with our internal resources.

We participate in Mutual Assistance with other utilities setting the framework for sharing of resources between companies.
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