Joint Ameren/Contractor Steering Committee

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John Alonzo Ameren 314.605.7102
Ben Barnett    Ameren   314.488.3072
Jeff Bishop   Shade Tree   314.608.3669
Ray Boehm        The Keeley Companies    314.378.8264 
Jason Cliffe        Utilimap Corporation    636.533.4016 
Sarah Donohue Ameren 314.554.4778
Kevin Harper    Ameren   314.971.3123
Craig Hofmeister   Nelson Tree Service    314.393.3708 
Matt Killebrew     Ameren    618.267.6280 
Wayne Lacey   Ameren   618.604.3801
Jim Lorrigan    Wright Tree Service    515.708.0350 
Greg Mullins   Par   660.890.4221
Keith Myers    Ameren   314.554.3195
Ray Pour    JF Electric                618.531.0599
Steve Richardson    Tarlton   314.422.1007
Mark Stanley    Ameren    314.554.3034
James Vaillancourt    Infrasource    913.302.8746

Joint Ameren/Contractor Steering Committee

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