St. Louis Green Business Challenge

Helps area businesses reduce waste, expand sustainability


Through the St. Louis Green Challenge, area businesses form green teams and implement strategies to reduce energy and waste, expand sustainability programs and reduce environmental impact.
The challenge requires participants to complete these strategies from a scorecard that contains categories of biodiversity, outreach, energy reduction, indoor environmental quality, waste reduction and clean transportation options. Each sustainability strategy is worth a specific number of points. Businesses can also gain points for implementing innovative sustainability initiatives. Seminars and other events were held to help the company's green teams on their sustainability strategies.
Ameren accepted the challenge and began sustainability efforts at the company’s St. Louis headquarters. Key sustainable practices focused on employee and community outreach, implementing sustainable strategies for Ameren's general office building and biodiversity initiatives. Ameren's efforts were in the top 25% of all participating local companies. Ameren has been participating since its inception and is currently participating in the Champions Scorecard. The Champions Scorecard takes a more in-depth look into sustainability strategies.

Participating in the Green Business Challenge has been a positive experience for Ameren in helping to raise general awareness of sustainable practices and policies, both internally and within the local community.  


In 2016, Ameren received the Award of Merit, the highest level of achievement in the Green Business Challenge.
See the details and other scores: Ameren’s Total Scorecard. 
Visit the St. Louis Green Challenge website.

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