Workforce of Tomorrow

Talent Strategy
  • Data on critical, high turnover and hard-to-fill roles drives workforce planning and applicant pipeline development.
  • Workforce/resource planning is integrated in the business planning process and addresses specific business needs.
  • Pipeline and recruiting efforts address specific business needs.
  • Talent management tools and processes are measurable and effective.
  • Disciplined and consistent succession planning is conducted throughout the corporation.
  • Leadership bench strength is assessed and addressed regularly.
  • Development is needed to prepare the workforce and achieve business results.
  • Leaders develop future leaders.
  • Ameren's desired culture is defined, understood and aligns with corporate values.
  • What we do (our behavior) aligns with desired culture.
  • Leaders influence culture and demonstrate desired behaviors.
  • Diversity is embedded in our thinking, demonstrated in our actions and results in inclusion at all levels.
  • Culture is assessed regularly to determine our progress toward the desired target.
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